Product Design/Modeling:  Using CAD (computer aided design) Software we can develop a Custom 3-D Model based on your photos, designs and sketches.  The Model can be visualized and measured.

Rapid Prototyping: A prototype can be manufactured from the product design so you can actually see and feel the product.

Mold Design: A mold will be designed also using CAD Software once the Product Design has been approved.  We can accommodate any special hook you may want to use at this time.

CNC Machining: Your mold will be programmed using CAM (computer aided manufacturing) and precision machined using one of our Highspeed CNC Machining Centers. 

Polishing and Texturing:  We offer polished and textured finishes  to SPI and Moldtech standards.

Design and Manufacturing Services Specializing in                            

Pour it Mold & Design                              Custom Fishing Tackle by Design
Custom Lead Molds and Lures                                                     Make your own Jigs Lures and Sinkers

Custom Fishing Tackle by Design
Custom Fishing Tackle: from Modeling, Mold  Design, Machining to Ready to Pour
Custom Fishing Tackle: From Pictures To a 3-D Surface Model
The Model can be scaled up or down to meet your weight requirement