Base cost for a custom mold utilizing the Do-it Blank:

Pricing starts at $345.00 

Base cost for large custom frame molds:

Large Jigs, Lures and Sinkers over 16oz may not fit in a Do-it Blank Mold and require a custom mold frame.  Pricing starts at $600.00.

The base cost will include:

A Mold based on your 3-D CAD Model

Sending CAD file data:

Please send CAD data in the following formats: Step, Parasolid and IGES.

Product Design:

If you cannot provide a 3-D CAD file of your product, I can create a custom design for you at an extra cost.  This is considered "Product Design" and it will be estimated at a rate of $50.00 per hour then added to the aforementioned base cost.

Duplicate Molds:

Pricing for duplicate molds start at $235.00

Other Costs:

Mold Blanks, Shipping and Handling are not included in the base cost

Lead time:

Project lead times vary based on the complexity of the project.  Two to four weeks is typical.


Custom Fishing Tackle by Design
Pour it Mold & Design                              Custom Fishing Tackle by Design
Custom Lead Molds and Lures                                                     Make your own Jigs Lures and Sinkers

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